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Welcome to Unicorn Productions, books for adults with a youthful mind. In here you shall find stories of all kinds – fantasy, science-fiction, historical, contemporary, funny, dramatic, whatever strikes the fancy of The Writer who writes pretty much what she wants to read. And since she's also a wannabe artist, you will find also comics, graphic novels and strips in here. Or series – mostly of standalone books. Feel free to explore and welcome to the crazy world of a creative barbwire!



Benvenuti a Unicorn Productions, libri per adulti col cuore giovane. Qui troverete storie di tutti i tipi – fantasy, fantascienza, storici, contemporanei, divertenti, drammatici, qualunque cosa colpisca la fantasia della Scrittrice, che scrive grosso modo ciò che vorrebbe leggere. E dato che ha anche aspirazioni artistiche, troverete anche fumetti, strip e graphic novel. O serie – soprattutto di libri che possono essere letti in maniera indipendente. Siete liberi di esplorare e benvenuti nel pazzo mondo di una barbara mente creativa.

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Vampire Anthology

Nightly Bites Volume 2 is now available for pre-order at your favorite e-book retailer. A new selection of vampires stories ...
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Read an Ebook Week

Smashwords Ninth Annual “Read an Ebook Week” Sale! March 4, 2018 – March 10, 2018 The following books are discounted ...
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Spring Cleaning

…well, almost spring. Still working on the new look of the page but there are other things as well. From ...
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New Paperbacks

The Future Earth paperbacks are now available. Brainwaves and Soul Thieves along with Nightly Bites Volume 1.And here’s the universal ...
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  • Soul Thieves

    Minds with unaware souls get PTSD.
    Virtual director Beth Golden has a seemingly idyllic life in 21st century Manhattan, but her recurring nightmares and the fact that she prefers the company of holograms to real people hint to a more serious problem.
    Meeting her muse as flesh and blood man may or may not help her  with abduction syndrome and her psychological blocks. Someone with a secret agenda forces her to face the real deal.
    What if your favorite virtual star became a flesh and blood man? Can Beth accept him and live happily ever after or will she retreat in her apartment with her holograms?
    Human Extraterrestrial Visitors and Earthlings battle for the possession of soul, the harmonic signature of a being in the universe that not everybody has been blessed with.
    A Future Earth standalone short novel for lovers of alien abductions and conspiracy theories.


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    cover art by San@DeviantART


  • Amazzoni non comuni

    Benvenuti nel Paese delle Amazzoni, dove comandano le donne. “Amazzoni non comuni” mostra come gli uomini possano essere trattati in maniera molto diversa da due sorelle. Eccovi Danilisa e Malianna… e i loro schiavi.


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  • Brainwaves (Post-Apocalypse Chronicles Book 1)

    Bel lives in Rainbow Town, a multi-level underground settlement for survivors of the Apocalypse that wiped out 21st century civilization. She shouldn’t have a care in the world, pampered as she is by technology, but she still misses her ex boyfriend. And when she tries to contact him, he is nowhere to be found.

    The Wanderlust Bug has bitten Raj who feels uncomfortable in Rainbow Town, and not only because his ex moved on. His memory losses leave him uneasy and he wishes to go out in the great unknown, even if it might mean certain death.

    With the help of Shani, who has broken into the forbidden Darknet, Bel and Raj are truth seekers in a too perfect town that feels more and more like a golden prison.

    A standalone post-apocalypse novel exploring the future of Earth.


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    cover art by Leah Keeler


  • Royal Blood

    Four stories to tell the fall of the last four southern kingdoms of Varia. Four Silvery Earth stories.

    The fall of Rajendra, Lakeshi, Amrendra and Gajendra through four stories.
    Assassin’s Son – Kumar’s son avenges his half-brother’s death.
    Foster Brothers – Sardar discovers that his foster brother wasn’t as good as he thought.
    The Last Twing Kings – When the twin princes of Amrendra meet the twins of the Varian royal house, things change forever.
    The Widow – The story of the widow who refused to jump into her husband’s funeral pyre, stealing King Naveen’s heart.


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