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Welcome to Unicorn Productions, books for adults with a youthful mind. In here you shall find stories of all kinds – fantasy, science-fiction, historical, contemporary, funny, dramatic, whatever strikes the fancy of The Writer who writes pretty much what she wants to read. And since she's also a wannabe artist, you will find also comics, graphic novels and strips in here. Or series – mostly of standalone books. Feel free to explore and welcome to the crazy world of a creative barbwire!



Benvenuti a Unicorn Productions, libri per adulti col cuore giovane. Qui troverete storie di tutti i tipi – fantasy, fantascienza, storici, contemporanei, divertenti, drammatici, qualunque cosa colpisca la fantasia della Scrittrice, che scrive grosso modo ciò che vorrebbe leggere. E dato che ha anche aspirazioni artistiche, troverete anche fumetti, strip e graphic novel. O serie – soprattutto di libri che possono essere letti in maniera indipendente. Siete liberi di esplorare e benvenuti nel pazzo mondo di una barbara mente creativa.

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Sci-Fi July

And everything is now live as ebook and we even have one paperback – the other is coming soon. Sci-Fi ...
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Sci-fi July

Since it rhymes, July is the sci-fi month! It started in June with the release of the first Star Minds ...
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July sale at Smashwords

Some books are enrolled in the 10th annual Smashwords July Summer/Winter promotion, taking place July 1-31, 2018.  For the entire ...
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Sci-fi Anthology #1

New curated anthology coming soon! Pre-order links Starships in all their glory! FTL drive, microgravity or stargates. Trapped, stranded or ...
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