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Adventurer (Star Minds Lone Wolves)

It’s hard to kill when you’re a telepath. Unless your feelings and empathy are frozen by grief. Iso-bel “Icy” Aya Shermac lost her home planet at twenty to a cosmic catastrophe. Five years later she joins the adventurers and rogues to start earning a living. Hitwoman, mercenary, bounty hunter, Icy Aya tackles her first missions with grim determination – to kill an ambassador, to protect witnesses of a crime, to catch the most wanted interstellar thief known as Mr. H. If you hate sassy and sexy heroines, you’re going to love her. Icy Aya, adventurer, hitwoman, mercenary, bounty hunter, sneet (Single Not in Engagement, in Expecting, in Toying) – the lone she-wolf you hate to love and love to hate.


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Cover Art composite by UPB

Sci-fi interior hallway © Mopic/Depositphoto

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The Fern and The Cross

A knight’s tale of love and betrayal.

Almost killed by a brother-in-arms, saved by the enemy – a story of love and knightly duty around the third crusade. Robert and Manfred are brothers-in-arms who believe in courtly love. They pledge to each other like knights do, and go to tournaments, ending up in the retinue of Richard Lionheart. Then Robert marries Brithwen, an Anglo-Norman heiress, and when they both head for the Holy Land to free Jerusalem from Saladin, they must leave behind the lovely woman of their hearts.


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Star Minds Seconda Generazione

Avventuriero aristocratico su un’astronave chiamata “fuorilegge”.

Cresciuto come principe imperiale, Shan-leo non sente la mancanza della sua posizione precedente. A ventidue anni può permettersi di scegliere il suo destino senza essere costretto a seguire la via tracciata dalla sua famiglia. Seguendo il suo amore per la calligrafia, scopre un mercato nero di manoscritti rubati che dà inizio all’avventura di una vita.

La seconda generazione di Star Minds è in giro per la galassia.


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Copertina di Maurizio Manzieri