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Thief (Star Minds Lone Wolves)

An enhanced Humanoid born on SETH World, he’s been living off the grid for many years. He’s a thief, he’s a chameleon and the Galaxy Police is doing their best to catch him, by putting a bounty on his head.

The man of many names might eventually meet his match and forgo his life off the grid. A Star Minds Universe novel.

Includes “The Chameleon” about Hariel Dreeble, natural ESP from Wega, born on a space station like his son, adventurer and rogue who truly loved Halinor Reubel. A Star Minds Universe short story.


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cover composite:

Sexy Male Vampire Hunter © ravven/Depositphoto

Robot Standing © sarah5/Depositphoto

Spaceship Interior © sdecoret/Depositphoto



An abandoned cottage, a magical cat tree, a portal to another world.
After her divorce, Jessica moves into a family heirloom, a cottage belonging to her aunt who vanished fifty years ago without trace. Welcomed by a stray cat, or so she presumes, she’ll soon discover things are not always what they look like in the old house.
A novella of cats and women hopping between ours and a steampunk world, a portal fantasy for everyone.


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Cover credits: Cover Art composite by UPB
Beautiful steampunk woman © katalinks/Depositphoto
Fantasy door on a meadow © FairytaleDesign/Depositphoto
Steampunk airship © greglith/depositphoto
cats: Janet photographed by Barbara Palmer and Chicco photographed by the author

Angelica, Scholar (Silvery Earth Heroines)

The ambassador’s daughter has gone back to Noavaria. She’s fifteen, experiencing her first kisses and dreaming of her future as a writer. She has set her eyes on mysterious Rohan Tallisman.

The novelist has a literary salon in Konigtown, where she married Alexander de Fors. She’s twenty-five and still in touch with handsome professor Rohan Tallisman, slowly uncovering his true nature.

The scholar has gone to Agharek to translate an ancient diary. At thirty-five she sees the fall of the last kingdom of Varia and escapes with the deposed king, Kareem.

The Magical Races are all but gone and Angelica is determined to write down the full history of Silvery Earth without revealing the secret of Rohan Tallisman, her first love.


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cover art by Federica Manfredi


Hacker (Star Minds Lone Wolves)

One young man, two passions: computers and Iso-bel Aya Shermac.

Jes-syd lost his home planet at twenty, and with it his beloved girlfriend who survived but vanished on him without explanations. Five years later he works at the Serenaide Labs and has a new girlfriend, another survivor like him, but things don’t go smoothly between them.

The Tech Fair and a visit from Ypsilanti bring the news that there are more survivors on the dead planet, hidden underground in what’s left of the Vaurabi Labs. Jes-syd’s mother made it with a few more and Jes-syd hopes to get back with Iso-bel again – whenever he manages to find her and give her the good news.

A young Sire survivor who loves computers and his first and only love, a lone wolf hacker who is trying to fight his own grief. A Star Minds universe standalone story of hackers, crackers and survivors.

Bonus story: Wonder Man or how Hariel earned his Codename


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Cover Art composite by UPB
background image: Best Internet Concept © stori/Depositphoto
model: Handsome Young Man © ysbrand/Depositphoto


Pilot (Star Minds Lone Wolves

Owning a starship is the best thing in the universe. Especially if one is the best pilot of the Milky Way. Shanell comes from the y-chromosome toxic planet Sylvania, that has the best pilots’ academy of the Star Nations. She switches her old starship, the Zodie, with the brand new Haiduc after meeting a gorgeous hitchhiker who introduces her to the world of adventurers and rogues. Having a better ship doesn’t solve all problems and working on the edge of the law doesn’t make things easier for Shanell.

The sassy and sexy pilot wanders in the Milky Way, a lone she-wolf who loves gorgeous men and fast starships. A Star Minds universe standalone story of space pirates, smugglers, mercenaries and thieves.

Bonus story: The Widower


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cover composite by UPB
Spaceship grunge interior © sdecoret/Depositphoto
Model Mandy©Neostock