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New Bundle

Since the author doesn’t post on Tuesdays and Facebook didn’t upload the animated gif… It’s now live on Bundle Rabbit! Go get it now! Book trailer here.


Summer sales

Quests Volume One is included in a Kobo promo “Buy 1 Get 1 Half-Price.” From July 1 – August 31 (inclusive), Kobo AU, NZ and UK will be running a MultiBuy Sale. So if you’re in one of those countries, … Continue reading


This month

Ebooks Talwar and Khanda – Assassins in Love and Saif’s Story are now available. After the summer the POD version. Coming soon another bundle with Barbara G.Tarn – Star Minds Next Generation.Even though it’s not published by Unicorn Productions, check … Continue reading


Paperback news

Star Minds Third Generation Snippets is now available as paperback on Amazon, Createspace and other retailers. Production of further paperbacks is closing down for the summer. The next paperbacks should come out in October and November. Tentative schedule for summer … Continue reading


Kobo promo

30% off only on Kobo only from today to May 29. Coming soon – the bundle of 12 novels on Bundle Rabbit, available for pre-order on Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble and Kobo. Great fantasy in great box sets. 5 to 12 … Continue reading



Quests Volume 1 and Volume 2 are now available in paperback at Amazon and other retailers. These are all the paperbacks available from Unicorn Productions:Spotlight on Silvery Earth titles only: Would you like to see also thinner, cheaper books in … Continue reading

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Silvery Earth news

The box set of the five Books of the Immortals is now available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble and Kobo for the time being at 4.99$. Of course, if you like single-author bundles, you can also head to DriveThruFiction, where they … Continue reading



You can now support Barbara G.Tarn on Patreon. The first 10 patrons get a free short story no matter how much they pledge. Here’s an introductory video that I can’t post directly on Patreon but is downloadable there: Newsletter coming … Continue reading


Coming soon – Quests books

coming soon as e-book. And then paperback for both volume 1 and volume 2 of the Quests books. The Path of Water (Quests Book 1) is included in this upcoming bundle out on May 26. The bundle is available for … Continue reading


News and upcoming release

Barbara G.Tarn is now on Patreon, a simple way for you to contribute to her writing every month, and get great rewards in return – from reading the web-strip Me and Da Muses to reading stories before they are published … Continue reading