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  • Fall of the Southern Kingdoms

    A collection of stories that tell of the fall of the southern kingdoms of Silvery Earth.

    The Fall of Arquon (1515-1532)
    The Slave
    The High Priestess

    The fall of Akkora (1536-1566)
    The Last King of Akkora (part 1 and 2)

    The Fall of Rajendra (1534-1575)
    The Dancer
    The Lords of War
    Assassin’s Son

    The Fall of Lakeshi (1538-1580)
    The Prince Heir
    Foster Brothers

    The Fall of Amrendra (1599-1604)
    The Last Twin Kings

    The Fall of Gajendra (1628-1639)
    The Widow


    Cover art by Cristina Fabris

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  • Soul Thieves

    Minds with unaware souls get PTSD.
    Virtual director Beth Golden has a seemingly idyllic life in 21st century Manhattan, but her recurring nightmares and the fact that she prefers the company of holograms to real people hint to a more serious problem.
    Meeting her muse as flesh and blood man may or may not help her  with abduction syndrome and her psychological blocks. Someone with a secret agenda forces her to face the real deal.
    What if your favorite virtual star became a flesh and blood man? Can Beth accept him and live happily ever after or will she retreat in her apartment with her holograms?
    Human Extraterrestrial Visitors and Earthlings battle for the possession of soul, the harmonic signature of a being in the universe that not everybody has been blessed with.
    A Future Earth standalone short novel for lovers of alien abductions and conspiracy theories.


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    cover art by San@DeviantART


  • Amazzoni non comuni

    Benvenuti nel Paese delle Amazzoni, dove comandano le donne. “Amazzoni non comuni” mostra come gli uomini possano essere trattati in maniera molto diversa da due sorelle. Eccovi Danilisa e Malianna… e i loro schiavi.


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  • Brainwaves (Post-Apocalypse Chronicles Book 1)

    Bel lives in Rainbow Town, a multi-level underground settlement for survivors of the Apocalypse that wiped out 21st century civilization. She shouldn’t have a care in the world, pampered as she is by technology, but she still misses her ex boyfriend. And when she tries to contact him, he is nowhere to be found.

    The Wanderlust Bug has bitten Raj who feels uncomfortable in Rainbow Town, and not only because his ex moved on. His memory losses leave him uneasy and he wishes to go out in the great unknown, even if it might mean certain death.

    With the help of Shani, who has broken into the forbidden Darknet, Bel and Raj are truth seekers in a too perfect town that feels more and more like a golden prison.

    A standalone post-apocalypse novel exploring the future of Earth.


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    cover art by Leah Keeler


  • Royal Blood

    Four stories to tell the fall of the last four southern kingdoms of Varia. Four Silvery Earth stories.

    The fall of Rajendra, Lakeshi, Amrendra and Gajendra through four stories.
    Assassin’s Son – Kumar’s son avenges his half-brother’s death.
    Foster Brothers – Sardar discovers that his foster brother wasn’t as good as he thought.
    The Last Twing Kings – When the twin princes of Amrendra meet the twins of the Varian royal house, things change forever.
    The Widow – The story of the widow who refused to jump into her husband’s funeral pyre, stealing King Naveen’s heart.


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  • Star Minds Starter

    This introduction to the Star Minds universe includes the novella “Shooting Star” and the novel “Technological Angel (Star Minds Book 1)”. Both stories introduce the reader to Kol-ian, alien Humanoid, a telepath and a very young rebel.

    Heartbroken, he takes refuge on low-tech Earth. He will leave years later with an earthling in tow to go back to the Galactic Empire and the hustle and bustle of the Milky Way civilizations. The beginning of a science fantasy saga.


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    Cover art by Silvano Beltramo


  • Shashank the Fledgling

    Shashank starts a second life under the moon when Tamerlane’s sack of the cities of Delhi begins. A twenty-year-old Hindu refugee fleeing Sikandar, ruler of Kashmir, he had learned to love his city of adoption. But after the Tartars’ invasion, there are only ruins left.

    Shanshank survives only because of a newcomer, Rajveer, who turns out to be a bloodsucker who gives him his second life to save him from the slaughter. At the same time they both meet a coven of local bloodsuckers led by mighty Menka who forces them to join.

    As Rajveer’s fledgling, Shashank must obey the she-devil who has found them. The son of a weapon dealer moves across northern India, through the rise and fall of the Delhi Sultanate, the Mughal and the Maratha Empires and the British Raj.

    History and fantasy mix in this standalone book of Vampires Through the Centuries that will appeal to both historical fiction readers and vampire lovers all over the world.

    Bonus story: Sir George’s Journal

    The abridged version of the journal of the short-lived European son of Menka during his brief life in 19th century India and Nepal, from East India Company civil servant to a life under the moon.


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    Cover art by Shafali Anand.


  • Re della Musica – Zaphadin

    La vera storia dell’uomo dietro il mito. Un racconto lungo di Star Minds.
    Amava intrattenere gli amici con canti e balli. E un giorno a un banchetto di nozze incontrò il manager che lo rese un fenomeno galattico. Sa ballare, cantare e intrattenere come nessun altro. E’ il re della musica! Durante la sua carriera quindicinale, la stella di Zaphadin è cresciuta in popolarità mentre il morale dell’uomo piombava nella disperazione. Ecco perché all’apice della fama, egli ha deciso di lasciare tutto.


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  • Axelle, Wanderer (Silvery Earth Heroines)

    Mixed-blood Axelle finishes her education among Humans and heads for Centropolis, once upon a time the capital of the Varian Empire. Her family reaches it when the king dies and his son sits on the throne announcing he’ll resurrect the Empire.

    Along with her brother Raoul, she embarks on an adventure of rebellion, donning male clothes and a sword, and learning her magic away from her long-lived, magical parents for the first time.

    Part two is the novelization of the graphic novel S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. and is set ten years later.

    A wandering magic user exploring Silvery Earth.


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    Cover art by Federica Manfredi.


  • Onorevoli Assassini

    La nascita della Gilda degli Assassini di Godwalkar. I membri della Gilda degli Assassini sono onorevoli come tutti gli altri. Possono essere addestrati a uccidere, ma sono persone con affetti da proteggere e vendicare.
    Come due fuggiaschi del sud hanno trovato rifugio nella città senza re, Godwalkar, e mettono su una scuola di assassini che addestra i migliori, incluso Kilig la Spada, nonché la storia completa di Saif.


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    Copertina di Rossana Beretta


  • Honorable Assassins

    Talwar and Khanda, Assassins in Love and Saif’s Story collected in one single book. A Silvery Earth story about the birth of the Assassins’ Guild.
    The birth of the Assassins’ Guild of Godwalkar. Members of the Assassins’ Guild can be as honorable as anyone. They might be trained to kill, but they’re just people with loved ones to protect and avenge.
    How two southern runaways found refuge in kingless Godwalkar and started and assassins’ school that trained the best, including Kilig the Sword.
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    Cover art by Rossana Beretta.
  • Storia di Saif

    La storia complete di come Rohit da ragazzo di strada è diventato un assassino alla scuola di Talwar e Khanda. Rohit diventa un assassino e un uomo nello stesso tempo negli anni che seguono la morte dell’ultimo re del Gajendra.
    Un romanzo breve di Terra d’Argento.


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    Copertina di Rossana Beretta.