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Kerrien prided himself on never getting lost, not even in the deepest, darkest forest. That skill came in handy when tracking someone. It gave him an edge over whomever he was looking for. But he sometimes was taken by surprise by what he found.
Kissing a prince awake might not be the smartest thing Kerrien ever did in his life. Especially since he’s now stuck with the beautiful sleeper with a puppy disposition, and has no idea of who sent him to sleep and why.
Feeling a stray cat himself, can Kerrien put up with the young prince demands? Cats and dogs are not supposed to get along, do they?
A fairy tale retelling, a sweet m/m romance, a Silvery Earth novel.


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eBook and paperback illustrated by the author


Interview with Rithvik and Kerrien. Another interview with Rithvik and Kerrien at Library of Erana.


map by Federico Distefano



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