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Future Earth Chronicles Shorts

A few short stories accompanying the series. From 22nd century “Lisa’s Odyssey” to 25th century stories that happen at the same time of the novels.

“Lisa’s Odyssey”
A disabled woman in the newly formed United States of Europe.

“Second Apocalypse”
The destruction of Rainbow Town Mount Mitchell from Safya’s point of view.

“Brave Old World”
The Alps Rainbow Town militia trains – and finds a long lost Rainbow Towner in Courmayeur.

“New Age of Steam”
Airship Gwalarn to America and back, thanks to its bold captain Sandrine.


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As of December 2020, Lisa’s Odyssey is available on Kindle Unlimited for 99c (link to This is the first story included in this collection, and it’s practically a standalone, since it’s so much earlier than the others (22nd century instead of 25th)!



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