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Male Lovers of Silvery Earth Volume 3

“Water Creatures”
Leonard is a merchant’s son who will shipwreck and meet sea monsters, merfolks and Water’s children.
“Saif’s Story”
The complete story of how street boy Rohit became an assassin at the school of southerners Talwar and Khanda. Saif becomes an assassin and a man at the same time in the years following the death of the last king of Gajendra.
“Birdsong” and “Princess Sapphire”
At the time of the Enlightened Emperor, Vario XII, a group of people form a team of so-called mercenaries. Maxian is a Human wizard apprentice who meets a young Genn, a member of the fabled Magical Races. Ludwig needs some “me” time away from his housemates and on the way home, he saves Princess Sapphire from a sorcerer’s tower.
“The Initiation of Jonik IV” A short story by Angelica de Winter about the late king, last of the Gyllymer dynasty, where she imagined he preferred male lovers.
A collection of short stories and novellas of Silvery Earth.


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cover art by Eleonora Conti



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