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More Tales of the Southern Kingdoms (One Volume Edition)

The Southern Kingdoms of Varia consider themselves at the height of civilization. A tour of the southern courts at the time of the Tales of the Southern Kingdoms greatgrandfathers.

“The Gorgeous Prince” with Genn blood finds a blind bride.

“The Northern Warrior” upsets the court of the twin kings – and mostly their main heir.

“The Jesters” entertain the court of Lakeshi and their lustful king.

“Twin Royalty” – an exclusive of Amrendra – and how to deal with it.

“The Hooded Man” heads back home to his beloved to find a cruel governor ruling his city.

“The Young King” gets badly hurt during a revolt led by his father’s former general.

“The King-God of Arquon” decides to be a man instead of a king-god.

“The Conspiracy” to get rid of the twin kings of Amrendra.

“The bodyguard” of Prince Tarun of Lakeshi during his tour of the southern kingdoms in search of a bride.

“Narcoleptic Prince”, not an heir of Gajendra, but still a worry for his father Prince Dilip.

“The Black Princess” runs away from Nera to find refuge in southern Akkora.


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Cover by Cristina Fabris, map by Federico Distefanobookcoverpreview2-do



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