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Rogue (Star Minds Lone Wolves)

Hal Keller has been hiding on Friport for two years when the Galaxy Police offer a bounty for the capture of Mr. H. Unable to catch the interstellar thief who might be his biological father, Hal decides to follow in his footsteps.
A young, untrained telepath quickly becomes a thief with skills nobody else has, except maybe his mysterious biological father. A rogue lone wolf loose in the Milky Way, a Star Minds Universe novella.
Includes “Mother” or how Lyssa Keller met mysterious Hal during a festival and gave birth to his son, raising him on her own.


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Cover Art composite by UPB

Portrait of the young man with makeup black mask © vadimrysev/Depositphoto

Sci Fi Spaceship Bedroom, Empty © Ravven/Depositphoto



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