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Star Minds Lone Wolves Team – All Missions

Iso-bel “Icy Aya” Shermac, Jes-syd “The Hacker” Rossum, Hariel “Wonder Man” Reubel and Shanell “Starship Pilot” Katharina form the Lone Wolves Team.
Cer’iss’es “Cherry Wings” O’ryniss joins the Lone Wolves Team six months later. Then L’ill’oreta N’ovi, just out of the military school Children of C’est’aran, and Cyrus “Dark Lord” Wildner join about a year later. A young trained soldier and an assassin add their skills to the team, as well as the Wonder Man’s son he never knew he had, Hal Keller or the second Mr. H.
An adventurer, a pilot, a hacker, an assassin, a trained soldier, a half-breed with retractile wings and an enhanced Humanoid with his telepathic son. Outsiders conscious to have skills that carry a price, living on the edge of legality. Lone wolves who have found a way to work together. The problem-solvers of the Star Nations are available for hire.
The full collection of the missions of the Lone Wolves Team.


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