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Star Minds Lone Wolves Team – Missions 11-15

Iso-bel “Icy Aya” Shermac, Jes-syd “The Hacker” Rossum, Hariel “Wonder Man” Reubel, Shanell “Starship Pilot” Katharina and Cer’iss’es “Cherry Wings” O’ryniss form the Lone Wolves Team.

An adventurer, a pilot, a hacker, a half-breed with retractile wings and an enhanced Humanoid. Five outsiders conscious to have skills that carry a price, living on the edge of legality. Five lone wolves who have found a way to work together. The problem-solvers of the Star Nations are available for hire.

Mission #11 Felines and Failing Weapons
Mission #12 Assassin Robot
Mission #13 Traps and Saurians
Mission #14 Smart-guns and pirates
Mission #15 Ecoterrorists and Media Reporters


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Cover art composite by UPB

Model Liepa©Neostock

background image © NASA




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