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Tales of the Southern Kingdoms (One Volume Edition)

Sex. Lust. Blood.
The power of the Sect. Darkness spreads to the southern kingdoms.
“The Sect” – a religious minority becomes the powerful Sect using a Pond of Dark Magic. “The Slave” – the story of the last real king of Arquon. “The Orphans” find trouble with the Sect. “Yash” – a prince of Akkora sacrificed to the Bloodthirsty Goddess. “The High Priestess” – Keiko becomes Ramesh’s successor in the temple of the Sect. “Tarun” – another southern prince abducted and used by the Sect.
Then “Books of the Immortals – Air” happens.
War. Love. Passion.
The fall of the southern kingdoms.
“The last King of Akkora” (two parts) – the fall of the biggest southern kingdom through a spoiled prince heir. “The Prince Heir”, or how Prince Anjaan didn’t make it to king status. “The Dancer” – a northern dancer throw a former adventurer turned king out of balance again. “The Lords of War” – foreign men, foreign culture; the continued destruction of Akkora. “The courtesan’s son”, or what’s left of the southern kingdoms after all of the above.


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Cover art by Cristina Fabris, map by Federico Distefano.




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