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Box Sets

Here’s a list of available box sets, divided by series.


Books of the Immortals – Five Novels Box Set includes:

Books of the Immortals – Air

Books of the Immortals – Fire

Books of the Immortals – Water

Books of the Immortals – Ether

Books of the Immortals – Earth

The Complete Chronicles of the Varian Empire Box Set includes:

The Spell

The Left-handed Warrior

Records of the Varian Empire

The Enlightened Emperor (including The Warrior Woman)

The Assassins’ Guild of Silvery Earth includes:

Talwar&Khanda – Assassins in Love

Saif’s Story

Saif & Kilig

Kilig & Hakeem

Fighting Monks School (included in Kilig the Sword)

Quests Box Set includes:

Quests Book 1 The Path of Water

Quests Book 2 The Path of Fire

Quests Book 3 The Path of Air

Quests Book 4 The Path of Earth


Star Minds

Star Minds Lone Wolves


Box Set #1 (Books 1 to 5)
Raj and Bel travel around the world, a journey in search of more truths about the apocalypse, its survivors and the alien invasion.

Box Set #2 (Books 6 to 10)
Megan, Yollanda, Arjun, Azur and Shani continue the investigation after Raj and Bel have gone home, in the company of western vampires

Box Set #3 (Before Future Earth Chronicles + Book 11 and 12)
The complete collection of stories, prequels to the main series. From the arrival of the Phis’irs and their symbionts to the loss of control over Rainbow Towns, four centuries of future Earth history, concentrating on the apocalypse years.

Luke and the vampire war, Ahyoka travels to her father’s tomb.