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Samantha and other standalone books

There’s a witch on the loose and she can turn our lives upside down. Samantha enjoys toying with us and she switches bodies at will. That’s the challenge Johnny & Marian, Ciaran & Harith and Pat & Babs have to deal with.
Three novellas with a common denominator: Samantha the witch! Enjoy this humorous tales of body switches.

You can find a short story, Samantha’s Day, in the free anthology Strange Portals.

All cover art by Shafali Anand.

She’s also a guest in three novels of Vampires Through the Centuries (Ravjeer, Kaylyn and Shashank).

Other books unrelated to any series, divided by genres:

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Yash and Ryo Lost in the Milky Way

Soul Thieves

Otherside (also in audio)


The Fern and the Cross

Comics and Graphic Novels

15 Years of Creativebarbwire

Lady Ice


Best of Friends

Six Months and Other Love Stories

Choices, Changes and Other Stories

Today People

Joint Operations


The Law of Three and Other Relationships