A list of anthologies curated and compiled by Barbara G.Tarn.

Nightly Bites Volume 1

Short stories of and about vampires for those long winter nights…

Past, present, future. Dark or light-themed. Bloodsuckers and psychic vampires. The only common trait is the night creatures – who sometimes can stand the sunlight – for a batch of stories around Earth and beyond.


“Unnatural Immortal” by Russ Crossley

“Reunion” by Will Tate

“A Study in Scarlet” Lesley L. Smith

“A Fief in Lincolnshire” by Barbara G.Tarn

“The Whitest Smile” by Rebecca M. Senese

“Night at the Alamo” by David Miller

“Blood Relations” by Dayle A. Dermatis

“By Her Hand, She Draws You Down” by Douglas Smith

“Verchiel: Neverending Question” by Joleene Naylor

“Gateway Blood” by Ezekiel James Boston

“Maratha Pride” by Barbara G.Tarn

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Nightly Bites Volume 2

More short stories about vampires mingling in the pages of this anthology. Vampire Apocalypse vs. Last Vampire Survivor. Vampires with hemophobia or Asperger Syndrome. Vampires in the past and in the future, walking through the centuries because they can. Undead but immortal unless you manage to kill them. Merciless killers or merciful death givers – and even a little, shapeshifting vampire who doesn’t feed on blood.


The Blood is on the Wall by Felicia Fredlund

Bloody Aversion by Rebecca M. Senese

Chuck the Cross by Ezekiel James Boston

Jesslyn by Joleene Naylor

In the Shade of the Slowboat Man by Dean Wesley Smith

Legacy of the Hunted by Russ Crossley

The Raven by Barbara G.Tarn

She-devil of the Spanish Main by David Miller

So Many Nights, So Many Sins by A.L. Butcher

The Aswang Who Ate Stardust by Kate Pavelle

Now available at all retailers and as paperback.