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Curated Anthologies

Nightly Bites Volume 1

Short stories of and about vampires for those long winter nights…
Past, present, future. Dark or light-themed. Bloodsuckers and psychic vampires. The only common trait is the night creatures – who sometimes can stand the sunlight – for a batch of stories around Earth and beyond.
“Unnatural Immortal” by Russ Crossley
“Reunion” by Will Tate
“A Study in Scarlet” Lesley L. Smith
“A Fief in Lincolnshire” by Barbara G.Tarn
“The Whitest Smile” by Rebecca M. Senese
“Night at the Alamo” by David Miller
“Blood Relations” by Dayle A. Dermatis
“By Her Hand, She Draws You Down” by Douglas Smith
“Verchiel: Neverending Question” by Joleene Naylor
“Gateway Blood” by Ezekiel James Boston
“Maratha Pride” by Barbara G.Tarn
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Nightly Bites Volume 2

More short stories about vampires mingling in the pages of this anthology. Vampire Apocalypse vs. Last Vampire Survivor. Vampires with hemophobia or Asperger Syndrome. Vampires in the past and in the future, walking through the centuries because they can. Undead but immortal unless you manage to kill them. Merciless killers or merciful death givers – and even a little, shapeshifting vampire who doesn’t feed on blood.
The Blood is on the Wall by Felicia Fredlund
Bloody Aversion by Rebecca M. Senese
Chuck the Cross by Ezekiel James Boston
Jesslyn by Joleene Naylor
In the Shade of the Slowboat Man by Dean Wesley Smith
Legacy of the Hunted by Russ Crossley
The Raven by Barbara G.Tarn
She-devil of the Spanish Main by David Miller
So Many Nights, So Many Sins by A.L. Butcher
The Aswang Who Ate Stardust by Kate Pavelle
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Sci-Fi Short Stories – Starships

Starships in all their glory! FTL drive, microgravity or stargates. Trapped, stranded or moving from place to place. Warships, space shuttles, generation ships. Shipwrecks, transports, intergalactic accidents.
Humor and drama across the Milky Way and beyond! 10 stories of starships and their crews.
“Stellar Darkness Adrift ” by Meyari Mc Farland
“Murphy’s Law” by Douglas Smith
“The Darkest Void of Space” by Lesley L. Smith
“Sunlit Dispositions” by Jason Adams
“Solitary Man” by Russ Crossley
“Starship Pilot” by Barbara G.Tarn
“Mozart Brown” by Fulvio Gatti
“Bi-Quinary Search” by Gerald M. Weinberg
“Boudreaux” by Ezekiel James Boston
“Dreaming Large” by Dean Wesley Smith
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Sci-fi Short Stories – Space Opera Mashup

Space opera galore! Real planets and star systems as well as made up one, hard SF and science fantasy, mystery and romance. Humans trying to meet aliens for the first time or trying to avoid them. Humans living with aliens in so-called harmony. Earth-based civilizations and alien humanoids.
From Alpha Centauri to Epsilon Eridani and everything in between, the Milky Way in all its glory!
“Murder on Marawa Prime” by Vonnie Winslow Crist
“Astromancer” by Debbie Mumford
“One Universe is Never Enough” by Mary Jo Rabe
“A Little Old Fashioned” by Rita Schulz
“Funeral Sails” by Scott T. Barnes
“Station OSCX-9” by Marcelle Dubé
“GENIE and the LAMP” by Steph Bennion
“Runaway” by Barbara G.Tarn
“Seeking Sky” by Jennifer R. Baumer
“Final Chapter” by Randy Tatano

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Fantasy Portals

Whether you’re sucked in, you fall into it or you see it and decide to explore what’s beyond, a portal is always an opening to a great adventure. From our world to others, alone or in good company, our heroes and heroines reach “somewhere” down the rabbit hole and meet strange creatures. Sometimes those creatures are the protagonists and help humans. Sometimes the other world is not as shiny as it first looks. 10 stories of fantasy portals.
“A Flat Above the Wynd” by Alexandra Brandt
“The Earthbloods of Carapet” by Joe Cron
“The Faerys Choice” by Jamie Ferguson
“A Walk With Georgia” by Debbie Mumford
“A Chance to Escape” by Laura Ware
“Queen of the Mouse Riders” by Annie Reed
“The Portal” by Barbara G.Tarn
“The Traveler” by C.A. Rowland
“Wolf Warlock” by Meyari McFarland
“The Dancer at the Red Door” by Douglas Smith

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More Portals

More portals, including science fiction ones that either take to other worlds, aliens, back in time or other dimensions. With some traditional portal fantasy and a couple of weird tales of passages between worlds. 10 portal stories of discovery that sometimes lead to love.

“And Then There Are Cats” by Jamie Ferguson
“The Avalon Pub” by Barbara G.Tarn
“What We’re Going To Do Next” by Jennifer Rachel Baumer
“The Angle Between Worlds” by Stefon Mears
“Sideways” by Lana Ayers
“Tethering the Sun” by C.A. Rowland
“Beneath and Beyond” by Debbie Mumford
“Ten Escher From Here” by Fulvio Gatti
“Nite 2 Remember” by Pati Nagle
“My Julie” by Ron Collins

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Sci-Fi Stories – Future Earth Tech

The future of our planet and our technology – mind uploads, augmented humans, time travel, solar punk and all the good and bad future technology will bring. Be it post-apocalyptic or futuristic, our future is coming faster than we think.

The stories:
Legacy by David Bruns
Grow Beyond Your Limits by Katharina Gerlach
One Line of Bad Code by Barbara G.Tarn
The Last Woman on Earth by David H. Hendrickson
Scrap me by Stefon Mears
Remembrance by Debbie Mumford
The Quest of Souls by B.A. Paul
Sagan in the Past by Mary Jo Rabe
The Right Resources by Rei Rosenquist
Dancer by Blaze Ward

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Sci-Fi Stories – More Future Earth

More stories for our future – with less tech, probably, but still life on our planet. Post-apocalypse, dystopia, last men and women usually struggling to survive. Bookstores as treasure troves or abandoned places, factories and cities in various states of disrepair, locations from North America to Europe to Japan, all over our beautiful planet.
The Book Store by Jason A. Adams
The Last Books of Nara by M.L. Buchman
Access All Areas by Fulvio Gatti
Lisa’s Odyssey by Barbara G.Tarn
A Cupboard Full of Seeds by Meyari Mc Farland
The Crossing of the Moons by C.A. Rowland
Imposible by Lesley L. Smith
The Last Maple by Rebecca M. Senese
Alone at the End by Vonnie Winslow Crist

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Nightly Bites Volume 3

A varied collection of vampire stories from flash to novella-length, from the past to the future. Sometimes they mingle with other supernatural creatures, sometimes they’re the only non-human of the story.
“Blood on the Ice” by David H. Hendrickson
“Nun Survived” by Rebecca M. Senese
“Job Interview”, “Dracula Makes House Calls” and “Don’t Move” by Trent Walters
“Jamie: Blood of Betrayal” by Joleene Naylor
“The Vampire vs. The High Court” by Laura Ware
“Blood” by Kate Pavelle
“A More Ancient Killer” by Bonnie Elizabeth
“One Who Cannot Be Destroyed” by Barbara G.Tarn
“Young Monster Hunters in Love” by Stefon Mears
“Rebels of Seduction” by Meyari McFarland

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Sci-fi Stories – Earth Colonies

Let’s imagine a future where humanity left this lovely ball of atmosphere to colonize the solar system and beyond. Visit the Moon, Mars, Pluto and alien worlds, sometimes meeting non-human life forms.
Ten stories of space exploration and colonization by a batch of talented authors.
The stories:
“Personal Rules” by Richard Freeborn
“It’s Lechtenbrink, Libby Lechtenbrink” by Mary Jo Rabe
“Merry Olde England” by M.L. Buchman
“Terraforming Eden” by Kate Pavelle
“Symphony” by Douglas Smith
“Sail Safe” by Vonnie Vinslow Crist
“SS Ulysses to the Rescue” by Barbara G.Tarn
“The Yearendtide Tree” by Katharina Gerlach
“Bore’s Head” by Lesley L. Smith
“My Dead Father’s Signal by Stefon Mears

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Blurred Timelines

Somewhere in Nevada timelines meet and diverge. Falling in one of those timeslips can change your life forever.
Starting in 1849, thousands of prospectors traveled through Nevada on their way to the newly discovered gold fields in California. Some stopped before reaching the fields. The 1859 discovery of silver ore, known as the Comstock Lode, led to the establishment of many mining towns.
Most of those gold and silver mining towns are gone today. But some are still there, and will be for a little longer, strange places where stranger things happen.
Look out when visiting them, lest you become an accidental time traveler.
The stories:
“Cascading Gold” by Johanna Rothman
“As it Happens” by B.A. Paul
“Jazz Times” by Barbara G.Tarn
“Cold Promise” by Stephannie Tallent
“A Long Way from Dodd’s Pharmacy” by C.A. Rowland
“Sneaking Hootch” by Kate Pavelle
“A Look Like That” by Richard Freeborn
“Life is Good” by Johanna Rothman
“A Gift Through Time” by C.A. Rowland
“Stranger Than a Movie” by Barbara G.Tarn

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