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Welcome to Immortaland, the kingdom of the Immortals of Light and the Immortals of Darkness. And dragons.

Immortaland Dragons

When a human fleet shipwrecks on its coast and the mortals meet the Immortals, a new kind of magic appears, allowing humans with Immortal blood to bond with the dragons.


The Immortal half-bloods:

200 approx. birth of Kassandra, Wilbert and Waltrand, Beauregard

300 approx. birth of Khloe

400 approx. birth of Kyrill and Clotilde

Dragon Stories before the novels:

475 Xenya joins the Teeth with Hawisia

480 Jasmine leaves the Teeth with baby Rohan, Foulque and Calivorra

485 Henriot’s death (at 50), Armand (20) joins the Teeth in his brother’s place

495 Armand leaves the Teeth and marries Tessa, birth of Helina

500 Rohan and Isaut join the Teeth, birth of Henriot, Jasmine, Aimeric (Dragon Riders)

505 birth of Tara

510 Fall of the Temple of the Rainbow (Dragon Friends)

520 Death of Kass, Walt and Khloe (Dragon Bonds)

530 Death of Kyrill (Dragon Queen and Dragon Lover)

Dragon Riders (Immortaland Dragons Book 1)

With his castle under siege, Rohan discovers the truth of his mother’s past – not just a loving lady, but the former member of an elite band of warriors he had never heard of. In this moment of need, Rohan must leave the safety of the castle walls to look for help on a most uncommon mount – a silver dragon.

The big bad world full of magic and wonders awaits. Can Rohan become a dragon rider and join the elite warriors like his mother before him?

A gripping story of the discovery of one’s true blood and the magic running through it.

Dragon Friends (Immortaland Dragons Book 2)

Isaut joined the Teeth of the Dragon ten years ago. Now she must decide if she wants to stay with the elite warriors or go back to the Fighting Nuns who trained her.

A witch hunt against half-bloods like herself slowly spreads across the land, which could lead to the end of an era.

An exciting story of a warrior woman with two curved swords who rides a golden dragon.

Dragon Bonds (Immortaland Dragons Book 3)

Jasmine’s younger brother returns with the news of their mother’s murder on the day she breaks up with her betrothed.

A warrior woman in training, she will have to bond with her mother’s black dragon to overcome her grief.

A breathtaking story of magic and revenge.

Dragon Queen (Immortaland Dragons Book 4)

After her father’s murder, a usurper steals Tara’s throne. Torn between grief and love, she must save her boyfriend and her siblings before hitting back.

A moving story of a bloodless revenge by a princess and a healer, and her dragon-riding friends.

Dragon Lover (Immortaland Dragons Book 5)

Mathilde talks to dragons. All of them. Her gift earned her the nickname Drakomanto – or Dragon Lover.

When she leaves her mother’s magic palace to live among mortals, be they human or half- or mixed-blood, her gift becomes both a boon and a threat. And she’s in for a hell of a learning curve in a world with less magic than her mother’s palace.

A riveting story of an exceptional half-blood who finds a home away from home. With dragon cubs.

Dragon Stories

A collection of stories of dragons and the humans they bond with, be them half-bloods or mixed-bloods, across the centuries in the history of Immortaland.

Eleven thrilling stories of humans and dragons interactions through the centuries. Accidents do happen between two such fiery beings, and size won’t always be the winner in their clashes. Magic and brute force can be at odds, and the outcome of their clashes never predictable.

A companion to the Immortaland Dragons books, dealing with secondary characters, it can also be enjoyed as a standalone and an introduction to this wondrous world of dragons and magic.


Part One: The First Half-bloods

Immortal High Priestess

The Red Dragon

Part Two: Immortal Half-bloods

Immortal Parent

Immortal Lovers

The Rainbow Dragon

Through the Decades

Part Three – Years 470-530

The Sorcerer (470)

The Teeth of the Dragon (475-485)

The Golden Dragon (480-490)

Half-brother (year 485)

The Silver Dragon (year 530)


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