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Star Minds Universe

Science fantasy series

It is now possible to sample the series. The Star Minds Starter includes Shooting Star and Technological Angel. The Starter is for all, but some books are

namely Books 2 and 3 of the Trilogy and some stories in the Snippets – if you find that red button on the book, be warned! QUILTBAG characters all over the place as well.

Some things from the beginning of the saga, way back in 2012:

Scosmopolitan_cover Koliantar Minds Sundays on the author’s blog: Kol-ian, Daniele&Chantal, Gaurishankar and Maela, Ker-ris and Shan-leo, Mya, C’ell’andy and Tyro.

Free excerpt (might be the start of Shooting Star or might vanish).

Interviews (on Joleene Naylor’s blog): Kol-ian, Ker-ris. On Ciaran Dwynvil’s sofa (Kol-ian&Ker-ris).

Other guest posts about the series: Zach Sweet’s blog (genesis of the series) and Francis James Franklin’s blog (rant on Maela and Sylvania).

And yes, the above is a mock cover done with Cosmopolitan’s cover widget (the link no longer works) – the Star Minds issue isn’t available anywhere. Commissioned art of Kol-ian by Phoenixlu.

Smashwords series page and Amazon series page

Where to find the books:

Star_Minds_Cover_for_KindleStar Minds – the Trilogy
“Technological Angel” (book 1)
Heartbreak is an eye-opener.
When Kol-ian is rejected by his beloved “angel”, he finds refuge on low-tech Earth. Until he feels the need to get back into the galaxy loop to explore the rogues’ world.
Cyborgs, shape-shifters, merciless telepaths and two earthlings lost in the Milky Way, learning to deal with aliens long before the rest of the blue planet.

“Mind Link” (book 2)cooltext162534689787710
True love between two telepaths generates a mind link.
Ker-ris’s mind is free. Free to fall in love again. When vengeful S’lyss comes after Kol-ian, the symbiosis of the mind link threatens the life of both lovers.
Dark lords and sneaky Saurians in the sequel of Technological Angel.

“Slave Traders” (book 3)cooltext162534689787710
It’s impossible to tell the true depth of someone’s feelings.
When Gaurishankar’s ex-girlfriend vanishes, he goes to the rescue, if only to save his own brother. But taking down the slaves market isn’t easy.
Obsessions and unwanted passion on the planet of pleasure and beyond – the closing book of Star Minds.

Star_Minds_Snippets_Cover_for_KindleStar Minds Snippets

The companion to Star Minds has prequels from different points of view, but also another perspective on the whole series – what really happened to the hybrid called M’aera S’iva.
Cyber Bodyguard
How C’ell’andy lost half of his body.
Galaxy Police
Mya Lylestar as assault team member with her best friend and sister-in-law. cooltext162534689787710
Life-changing events for Maela – losing virginity, maternity, maiming and becoming a cyborg.
The Heir
Imperial Princess Lin-sun chooses her husband – with her head and not with her heart.
Unrequited love
Tyro Megnaghy builds the perfect prosthetic wings for a lovestruck prince.
Shooting Star
Heartbroken Kol-ian seeks refuge on Earth.
Gaurishankar becomes a were-panther.
Lost Son
Uwe-yuri discovers his son is mind-controlled by his wife.
The rogue years
The adventures of And the end of “Technological Angel” from other perspectives.
The real story of M’aera S’iva, half Carian, half Humanoid.

Star Minds Next Generation

Aristocratic adventurer on a starship called “outlaw”.

Raised as imperial prince, Shan-leo doesn’t miss his former status. At twenty-two, he gets to define his destiny without being forced on a path traced by his family. Following his love for calligraphy, he discovers a black market of stolen manuscripts, which starts the adventure of a lifetime.

The next generation of Star Minds is out in the galaxy.

Interview with Shan-leo and Dadina.

Star Minds Next Generation Diaries

The companion of the next generation novel with the story of how Shan-leo lost his arm, the diaries of Mayumi, Wim, Hiro and T’ymi’chel (or the novel seen from other points of view), and then Dadina five years later. Cover story: S.E.T.H. or Izzy-lee’s quest to recover her beloved.

Interview with Izzy-lee (S.E.T.H)

Star Minds Chasing Stardom

Two novellas set in the galactic music world: the (auto)biography of Zaphadin, the King of Music, and Stardust Kay-low’s rise to fame when the King gave up his crown. Bonus story: Astrid chasing stardom in the movie business.
The next generation of Star Minds is still out in the galaxy.

Interview with Kay-low

Interview with Zaphadin

Star Minds Interregnum

Stories set between the fall of the Galactic Empire and the birth of the Federation of Humanoid Planets. The Star Nations learn to be independent from the mighty Sire, which sometimes brings in anarchy (tyrants, dictators, gangsters and other criminals).

Star Minds Third Generation Snippets

A collection of short stories with either characters of the original trilogy (not necessarily the protagonists) or the third generation in every story. The events happen thirty years onward after the end of the Trilogy.

Star Minds Interregnum Volume 2

More stories set between the fall of the Galactic Empire and the birth of the Federation of Humanoid Planets.


Star Minds Lone Wolves

Adventurer (Icy Aya)

Pilot (Shanell)

Hacker (Jes-syd)

Thief (Hariel)

Mercenary (Cherry)

Freelance (Elsa)







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