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Urban Fantasy

Samantha the Body-switcher

There’s a witch on the loose and she can turn our lives upside down. Samantha enjoys toying with us and she switches bodies at will. That’s the challenge Johnny & Marian, Ciaran & Harith and Pat & Babs have to deal with.
Three novellas with a common denominator: Samantha the witch! Enjoy this humorous tales of body switches.

You can find a short story, Samantha’s Day, in the free anthology Strange Portals.

All cover art by Shafali Anand.

She’s also a guest in three novels of Vampires Through the Centuries (Ravjeer, Kaylyn and Shashank).


Ghost Bus Riders

Smashwords Series Page and Amazon Series Page

You know when you check your public transport app and it says the bus arrives in 1 minute, no, NOW! but none appears? You just missed the ghost bus to Elsewhere, where creatures of myth and legend are real and the Elementals rule. Only half-bloods can see the ghost bus and use it to keep the world safe from dangerous creatures trying to trespass in our technological present.

Dawn of Shadows (Ghost Bus Riders Book 1)

Meet Elena Pace and Krishna Nayar, two Gen X ghost bus riders, with slightly different powers but the same determination in keeping the world free of dangerous magical beings. Watch them fight monsters and demons while trying to uncover the Shadow Elementals conspiracy to take over both worlds. An Exciting urban fantasy novel set between Italy and India.

Days of Shadows (Ghost Bus Riders Book 2)

Meet Jennifer “Jen” Smith and Dalilah Habib-Gallo, two ghost bus riders from two sides of the world involved in the struggle against the half-Shadows. An American Generation X and an Italian-Egyptian Millennial dealing with evil and possibly finding love. A breathtaking ride through NYC and Rome, an urban fantasy novel.

Bonus story: Fighting Shadows – Canadian ghost bus riders adventures in this worldwide hidden war.

Sunset of Shadows (Ghost Bus Riders Book 3)

Meet Jayshree “Jay” Sood and Floriana “Flo” Fedele, two Millennials and ghost bus riders with slightly different powers but the same determination to put an end to the half-Shadows threat. Watch them learn from their elders and join forces in the struggle against the half-Shadows. The dramatic end of this intriguing trilogy, an urban fantasy novel set between Italy and India.

Before the Shadows (Ghost Bus Riders Book 0)

In this book you’ll find a few side stories set before the Ghost Bus Riders trilogy, when the characters were younger and more naive.

Seven stories of half-bloods fighting monsters on Earth or discovering Elsewhere. Seven interesting takes on ghost buses and legendary creatures from all over the world.

The stories

1995: The Evil Stepmother

2001: The Monkey-man of Delhi

2004: Elemental Police

2005: Elsewhere on Earth

2014: The Lady and the Unicorn

2015: Lost in Japan

2019: Befana on the Loose

British Shadows (Ghost Bus Riders Standalone)

When Daniel sees a Wild Hunt in Richmond Park, he knows something is wrong. A half-blood with an Elemental father and magic at his fingertips, he must actively fight to keep London a safe place.

Rupert and Jessica join him in the fight against the Shadows, a thrilling ride of magic and monsters who sometimes look very human indeed.

An exciting urban fantasy standalone book in the Ghost Bus Riders universe, running parallel to the trilogy.


Granny Witches

Not old, experienced. There is no retirement from witchcraft.

Flaminia, Lavinia and Erminia – proficient in natural magic such as herbalism, alchemy and astrology – still practice what their mothers and grandmothers taught them, and come together when a supernatural evil threatens Flaminia’s grandson.

A riveting novel dealing with eternal youth, love spells and curses of all kinds.


In a world before a global pandemic, when the 21st century looked like a bright future of technological wonders, Alex Taylor – a British-born dhampyr – leaves Romania with his team of half-blood vampire hunters to make all of Western Europe a vampire-free zone.

A thrilling journey across Europe ensues, searching for his father, Dragos the vampire, with only one thought – kill him.