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Future Earth Chronicles

Future Earth Chronicles (Smashwords Series page)

“Gaia Reborn. Planet Earth got rid of us pesky humans and has moved on. It thrives without us, but we’re dead without all this.” (Brainwaves, Book 1)

A possible future – an apocalypse of the Western civilization that left the planet mostly unscathed… maybe.


Two thirds of the world population died, and some survived in secret underground cities stuck with 21st century tech. But then people start trickling out of those Rainbow Towns and try to discover the truth. The planet is doing fine with less people, but psy-vamps and bloodsuckers still make life hard for everyone.

Book 1: Brainwaves

An underground city too perfect to be true. A standalone post-apocalypse novel exploring the future of Earth.

Book 2: Wanderlust

Six years later, rediscover Earth 400 years after the Apocalypse. Daring to boldly go onward without looking back.

Book 3: Across Continents

In a world without borders, arctic weather is not the only danger. Or the worst.

Book 4: Himalayas

The adventure continues, reaching the Himalayas in search of the truth about the apocalypse, the alien invaders and vampires.

Book 5: Airships

The journey back home across Eurasia where trains with steam locomotives still run and airships roam the sky.

Coming next (August-October 2020)

The second cycle of the Chronicles. Raj and Bel are back in Roanoke, but their younger friends are still wandering. Read the stories of Megan, Yollanda, Arjun, Azur and Shani that will take you beyond the events in the first five books.

Book 6: Adventure Song (Aug.8)

Book 7: Sun Kissed (Aug.22)

Book 8: Asian Ways (Sep.5)

Book 9: Wind Rider (Sep.19)

Book 10: Melanin Goddess (Oct.3)

Rainbow – A Novella Sequel (Oct.17)

paperbacks currently available. Coming September 2020 new covers on these and new titles…