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Future Earth Chronicles

Future Earth Chronicles (Amazon series page)

“Gaia Reborn. Planet Earth got rid of us pesky humans and has moved on. It thrives without us, but we’re dead without all this.” (Brainwaves, Book 1)

Book 1: Brainwaves

An underground city too perfect to be true. A standalone novel exploring the future of Earth.

Book 2: Wanderlust

Six years later, rediscover Earth outside of Rainbow Town. Daring to boldly go onward without looking back.

Book 3: Across Continents

In a world without borders, arctic weather is not the only danger. Or the worst.

Book 4: Himalayas

The adventure continues, reaching the Himalayas in search of the truth.

Book 5: Airships

The journey back home across Eurasia where trains with steam locomotives still run and airships roam the sky.

Future Earth Chronicles Shorts

A few short stories accompanying the series. From 22nd century “Lisa’s Odyssey” to 25th century stories that happen at the same time of the novels.

The second cycle of the Chronicles. Raj and Bel are back in Roanoke, but their younger friends are still wandering. Read the stories of Megan, Yollanda, Arjun, Azur and Shani that will take you beyond the events in the first five books.

Book 6: Adventure Song

From ultimate punk-rock star to warrior woman, Megan’s journey across North America and Eurasia.

Book 7: Sun Kissed

A Rainbow Town survivor in the big bad world outside, under the sun for the first time.

Book 8: Asian Ways

Arjun and Yuu across India and China, looking for unresponsive Rainbow Towns.

Book 9: Wind Rider

Azur’s journey home and beyond, from steam-powered trains to airships across the world.

Book 10: Melanin Goddess

The end of Shani’s journey, finishing what started nine years earlier with her leaving Rainbow Town under Mount Mitchell.

Book 11: Symbiont (a sequel)

Book 12: Rainbow (a sequel)

Before Future Earth Chronicles a prequel


Box Set #1 (Books 1 to 5)

Raj and Bel travel around the world, a journey in search of truths about the world they find themselves in. An intriguing exploration of future Earth.

Box Set #2 (Books 6 to 10)

More exploration in the company of western vampires, chasing psychic vampires and wandering among breathtaking views of a future Earth.

Box Set #3 (Before Future Earth Chronicles + Book 11 and 12)

The complete collection of stories, prequels to the main series and the two sequels. The picture is complete. Welcome to future Earth.