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Comic book, graphic novels, printed stuff: Unicorn Productions on Lulu. Some novels and anthologies are available in print on CreateSpace. Or at Powells or Barnes & Noble or Amazon…

Unicorn Productions is a registered publisher on DriveThruFiction and DriveThruComics. E-books: Unicorn Productions on Smashwords. Please note that both distributors have an adult filter on by default, you’ll need to log in to take it off. Some of the titles are labeled “adult” for various reasons.

Barbara G.Tarn:

My Smashwords author page. Or you can see on my NoiseTrade Author page what titles are available (tip welcome, but not mandatory, i.e. you can get them for free if you wish). Or support me on Patreon. My Amazon Author Central page, my Nook page on Barnes&Nobles, my Kobo page, and I’m also on XinXii. The link to the Apple i-bookstore was removed since the widget doesn’t seem to work anymore – so I’m trying this direct link (Apple US i-bookstore). And myFacebook author’s page with more links and lots of pictures.

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Books of the Immortals – Prequels




An excerpt from Allan de Sayek

read a free excerpt from Air on Indiebookslist!

read a free excerpt from Fire on Indiebooklist!

read a free excerpt from Water on Indiebooklist!

read a free excerpt from Ether on Indiebooklist!

read a free excerpt from Earth on Indiebooklist!

read a free excerpt for the sci-fi novella Soul Stealers on Indiebooklist!

A couple of excerpts (Amazon Sisters and The Hooded Man)

Unedited excerpts that appeared on Barb’s blog:

Air (for Fight Fight Fight blogfest)

Soul Stealers (for Story Carnival)

The Death of Queen Amazonia (unedited excerpt before release)