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Pre-order buttons for two brand new collaboration anthologies, Fantasy Portals and More Portals. These two ebooks will go live on the 14th. Two great collections with different voices that will take you to other worlds and back.

Fantasy Portals

Whether you’re sucked in, you fall into it or you see it and decide to explore what’s beyond, a portal is always an opening to a great adventure. From our world to others, alone or in good company, our heroes and heroines reach “somewhere” down the rabbit hole and meet strange creatures. Sometimes those creatures are the protagonists and help humans. Sometimes the other world is not as shiny as it first looks. 10 stories of fantasy portals.
“A Flat Above the Wynd” by Alexandra Brandt
“The Earthbloods of Carapet” by Joe Cron
“The Faerys Choice” by Jamie Ferguson
“A Walk With Georgia” by Debbie Mumford
“A Chance to Escape” by Laura Ware
“Queen of the Mouse Riders” by Annie Reed
“The Portal” by Barbara G.Tarn
“The Traveler” by C.A. Rowland
“Wolf Warlock” by Meyari McFarland
“The Dancer at the Red Door” by Douglas Smith

More Portals

More portals, including science fiction ones that either take to other worlds, aliens, back in time or other dimensions. With some traditional portal fantasy and a couple of weird tales of passages between worlds. 10 portal stories of discovery that sometimes lead to love.

“And Then There Are Cats” by Jamie Ferguson
“The Avalon Pub” by Barbara G.Tarn
“What We’re Going To Do Next” by Jennifer Rachel Baumer
“The Angle Between Worlds” by Stefon Mears
“Sideways” by Lana Ayers
“Tethering the Sun” by C.A. Rowland
“Beneath and Beyond” by Debbie Mumford
“Ten Escher From Here” by Fulvio Gatti
“Nite 2 Remember” by Pati Nagle
“My Julie” by Ron Collins