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August releases

Both volumes of Tales of the Northern Kingdoms are now out on all retailers. Print versions coming in September.

TNK1ebook_resizeVolume 1 includes Colors, Cinder Boy, Firebird and The Path of Water – the single ebooks total around 15$, you can read them all for 9,99$.

TNK2ebook_resizeVolume 2 includes Prince Splendor, The Archers, The Twins, Belkyss, Woodlands and
Wolfshead. Of these titles, only Prince Splendor, The Archers and The Twins+Wolfshead are out as ebook for around 9$. You get those plus the extra stories for 7,99$.

Cover arts by Silvano Beltramo. Stay tuned for printed version available in September with a few more titles.

I hava adjusted the prices on Kobo and Amazon for the English-speaking markets. Canadians and Australians should check that the prices for the English books on Kobo and Amazon have prices in the .99 range (from 0.99 to a maximum of 9.99) – especially Kobo, it allows me to see only the euro price, since it’s my currency of choice.

Let me know if the changes on Kobo went through (New Zealanders can check too!)! Thank you!