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Authors Give Back Sale on Smashwords

I have enrolled the following titles in the site-wide sale to get you through these tough times of forced stay at home.

30% off

Silvery Earth: Magical Friends

Star Minds Lone Wolves: Rogue, Freelance, Mercenary, Thief, Hacker, Pilot and Adventurer. And there’s a new title out at 3.99$.

60% off

contemporary titles: Six Months and other Love Stories, Choices, Changes and Other Stories, The Law of Three and Other Relationships.

Historical: The Fern and the Cross

Silvery Earth: Silvery Earth Kids and Related Short Stories and Quests Volume 1 and Volume 2

Star Minds Lone Wolves Team Missions 6-10, Missions 11-15, Missions 16-20, Missions 21-25, Missions 26-29

If you got yourself the first when it was free during a previous sale or at 99c, now is a good time to read the other books:

Vampires through the Centuries Kaylyn, Shashank and Kristine

Future Earth Chronicles Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5

The last ones are highly recommended, showing there’s life after the apocalypse. Happy reading and stay at home! 🙂