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Backstage Pass – Intro

Hello Beautiful Reader!

That’s how I started my discontinued newsletter. I hope you were one of them, now following me here, on the publisher’s page. And if you’re new, welcome!

This new, regular Sunday feature is for you, the reader. I’m a prolific writer, so I have plenty of material. Articles, deleted scenes, alternate or original endings, original openings, author notes, and if something isn’t covered, feel free to ask.

I now have four series and I’m very excited about all of them. I still write on Silvery Earth and not in chronological order, so make sure to check the series page with the calendar. All books are standalone, so it doesn’t matter where you start, just take your pick!

I have reached the third generation in the Star Minds Universe, and I’m currently publishing the Lone Wolves Team missions. I’m quite fond of that batch and will talk about them more at length in a future post.

Then there are the Vampires Through the Centuries and the Future Earth Chronicles. I will have to update that vampire mythology, since after four novels and three novellas, the series is mingling with Future Earth Chronicles – because what else can survive the apocalypse of western civilization if not vampires?

I wanted to start a printed magazine about my series but since everything is online these days, I’m going to try the online version. So weekly posts instead of a bi-monthly booklet. And if there’s a number of requests, I can do a paperback at the end of the year! I’ll ramble about all of the series, but feel free to request your favorite!

I promise to post something every Sunday, be it an article on any of my series, a short story, a deleted scene or alternate ending, to help you explore those series and characters. And of course the stories participating in the Infinite Bard will show up here first!

Welcome to Barb’s universe. Enjoy the ride!