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A Taste of Silvery Earth

7 stories to introduce you to the world and it’s history.

Welcome to Silvery Earth. Water beings, winged people, shape-shifting dragons and elf-like beings mingle with humans throughout the history of this world.

A collection of seven stories, both previously published and unpublished, arranged in chronological order on the calendar of Silvery Earth.

“Fiona’s Magical Friends” is a little girl meeting the Magical Races.

“Protected by Fire” is set in Nera, the continent of the black people, with an unusual unicorn.

“The Death of Mastro Elvio” is about a merchant who has families on many towns of the west coast of Varia, ranging from the northern kingdoms to the southern ones.

“Starblazer” is about a shape-shifting dragon, or Fajrulo.

“Luckbringer”is about an elf-like being, or Genn

“Spring Queen” is about an unlucky man tricked into marrying a Fajrulo.

“Nora” is set when the Magical Races are gone or hiding.


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