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Star Minds Interregnum Volume 2

More stories set between the fall of the Galactic Empire and the birth of the Federation of Humanoid Planets

The Chameleon (5204-5230)
A Wegan telepath loses his love and twenty years later discovers he has a son

Daughter of C’est’aran (5218)
A scientist’s daughter on SETH World challenges the woman who seems to want to take her late mother’s place

Mother (5225-5247)
A young woman meets a handsome young man who vanishes, leaving her pregnant

One Line of bad code (5240)
A battery-operated girlfriend malfunctions

Battery-operated Boyfriend (5242)
B.O.B Theft from the point of view of the B.O.B.

Codename Dark Lord (5245)
Assassin Cyrus Wildner finds his long lost mother

The Widower (5245)
Wealthy Terran widower loses a family heirloom but finds love

The Queen’s Niece (5241)
Arica of Sylvania’s daughter on her cousin’s starship

Smuggler (5245-5247)
Azzadar owns the Vortu Sprinter and gets in trouble quite a lot…

She-wolves Team 5245
Arica’s daughter’s team of fixers is out in the galaxy

Wegan Woman (5250)
From Galaxy Police officer to independent fixer

Extraction (5260)
Retired albino assassin Elsa needs to extract her granddaughter from a Vilas Lok secret club


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