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Star Minds Lone Wolves Novellas

A collection of shorter novels or novellas about the other Lone Wolves.

After Icy Aya, Shanell, Jes-syd, Hariel, Cherry and Elsa, meet Hal, Kaori, Alex and Fabio.


A young, untrained telepath quickly becomes a thief with skills nobody else has, except maybe his mysterious biological father. A rogue lone wolf loose in the Milky Way, a Star Minds Universe novella.


Kaori Ikagoru is chasing thieves and catching space pirates. A Star Minds Lone Wolves novella.


Alexandra Oralia went to the Sylvanian Academy with Shanell and Icy Aya, then became a certified assassin. A Star Minds Lone Wolves novella.


Fabio Corsetti leaves Earth for the starship Nova Falstelo after losing his beloved grandmother and splitting with his girlfriend.


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