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Before Future Earth Chronicles

From the arrival of the Phis’irs and their symbionts to the loss of control over Rainbow Towns, four centuries of future Earth history. Concentrating on the apocalypse years and a good companion to “Mortals Apocalypse” (Vampires Through the Centuries).

“Alien Humans”
Sometimes in the early 1980s an alien starship in the form of a silver disk landed on the Tibetan plateau, ready to settle on Earth. The two alien species living in symbiosis discover the local intelligent life is identical to the weak link of their bond, the humans who feed their brainwaves to the actual owners of the starship.

The story of David, son of Daniel the vampire and Donna the alien human, kicked out of the alien facility where his parents live and exiled in the Himalayan Rainbow Town.

“Lockdown Origins”
The apocalypse years through the eyes of both Terrans and alien humans.

“Excerpts from Rainbow Town Journals”
Years 2019 to 2420.

“Mumbai, 2060CE”
The love story between Ram and Zarina – a completely revised edition of Mumbai Dreams.


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