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Housekeeping and Universal Links

Soon the page itself will be renewed but in the meantime I did some dusting off on the bookshelves. Some older titles have been archived because either no longer relevant or because I plan complete rewrites.

I have taken out the links to the now closed Createspace store and added the links to Barnes&Noble when present, since not all books make it there through the expanded distribution. All the paperback links are up to date now!

And the biggest change is the Universal Link for all ebooks. Through Books2Read and Draft2Digital I have now put a single link that will show all the ebook retailers available for that title.

Not only that, but the links are geo-located, so if you’re in Australia or in Japan and there’s a dedicated store of your favorite retailer, you’ll be directed there. And as a reader you can choose your favorite retailer and it will always show you only your favorite shopping place!

And for those long, cold winter afternoon, check out the Funny by Design bundle, to have a chuckle or three… All geared up for the coming Holidays! Happy reading!