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Dragon Stories

A collection of stories of dragons and the humans they bond with, be them half-bloods or mixed-bloods, across the centuries in the history of Immortaland.

Eleven thrilling stories of humans and dragons interactions through the centuries. Accidents do happen between two such fiery beings, and size won’t always be the winner in their clashes. Magic and brute force can be at odds, and the outcome of their clashes never predictable.

A companion to the Immortaland Dragons books, dealing with secondary characters, it can also be enjoyed as a standalone and an introduction to this wondrous world of dragons and magic.


Part One: The First Half-bloods

Immortal High Priestess

The Red Dragon

Part Two: Immortal Half-bloods

Immortal Parent

Immortal Lovers

The Rainbow Dragon

Through the Decades

Part Three – Years 470-530

The Sorcerer (470)

The Teeth of the Dragon (475-485)

The Golden Dragon (480-490)

Half-brother (year 485)

The Blue Dragon (year 496)

Black Dragons (years 510-520)

The Silver Dragon (year 530)


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