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The next two titles of Vampires Through the Centuries are now available for pre-order.

norman-blood-cover-lowresNorman Blood (Robert Malet AD 1066-1200) will come out Oct.14 as e-book only. Pre-order now since the price will go up after Oct.24 on Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

Nineteen-year-old Robert Malet followed William the Bastard to England to claim the English throne. The battle near the small town of Hastings is the beginning of the Norman conquest of England, but also of Robert’s second life.
A vampire in 12th century Europe traveling, fighting and meeting his siblings in darkness, changing names through the years when his mortal life is gone.
Follow Robert Malet, Brother Geoffrey, Robert Capuchon and Mercadier through the years. History and fantasy based on medieval chronicles for a Vampires Through the Centuries novella.

kaylyn-ref-webKaylyn the Sister-in-Darkness (AD 1160-1585) will come out Nov.2 as e-book and will be available also in print. Pre-order the ebook now, since the price will go up after Nov.7, on Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

Ten years after the return of the crusader, his people know he’s evil and try to get rid of him and his wife. Kaylyn escapes the fire of Baldwin’s manor with Bran’s help and leaves Lincolnshire for good.

A long journey through 12th century Europe allows her to meet other fledglings of her mysterious maker, Bran the Raven. Then it’s Muslim Spain and up to Damascus, where everything started for Baldwin.

A travel journal through the centuries across Europe, North Africa, Asia on the Silk Road, to the court of Kublai Khan and then India for the making of her brother-in-darkness, Rajveer… And it’s only half of Kaylyn’s story.

History and fantasy mix in this standalone book of Vampires Through the Centuries that will appeal to both historical fiction readers and vampire lovers all over the world.

Covers by Shafali Anand.

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