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Sci-Fi July

And everything is now live as ebook and we even have one paperback – the other is coming soon.

Sci-Fi Short Stories – Starships

Starships in all their glory! FTL drive, microgravity or stargates. Trapped, stranded or moving from place to place. Warships, space shuttles, generation ships. Shipwrecks, transports, intergalactic accidents.
Humor and drama across the Milky Way and beyond! 10 stories of starships and their crews.
“Stellar Darkness Adrift ” by Meyari Mc Farland
“Murphy’s Law” by Douglas Smith
“The Darkest Void of Space” by Lesley L. Smith
“Sunlit Dispositions” by Jason Adams
“Solitary Man” by Russ Crossley
“Starship Pilot” by Barbara G.Tarn
“Mozart Brown” by Fulvio Gatti
“Bi-Quinary Search” by Gerald M. Weinberg
“Boudreaux” by Ezekiel James Boston
“Dreaming Large” by Dean Wesley Smith
Ebook universal link and paperback.

Sci-fi Short Stories – Space Opera Mashup

Space opera galore! Real planets and star systems as well as made up one, hard SF and science fantasy, mystery and romance. Humans trying to meet aliens for the first time or trying to avoid them. Humans living with aliens in so-called harmony. Earth-based civilizations and alien humanoids.
From Alpha Centauri to Epsilon Eridani and everything in between, the Milky Way in all its glory!
“Murder on Marawa Prime” by Vonnie Winslow Crist
“Astromancer” by Debbie Mumford
“One Universe is Never Enough” by Mary Jo Rabe
“A Little Old Fashioned” by Rita Schulz
“Funeral Sails” by Scott T. Barnes
“Station OSCX-9” by Marcelle Dubé
“GENIE and the LAMP” by Steph Bennion
“Runaway” by Barbara G.Tarn
“Seeking Sky” by Jennifer R. Baumer
“Final Chapter” by Randy Tatano
Ebook universal link.

Sci-Fi July Redux Space Opera bundle

And we’re back! Different authors, different books, but still here to entertain you through the summer and beyond with some neat space opera!

What you will find in this bundle: clones, FTL drive, mystery, bodyguards, conspiracies, romance, nanotechnology, space colonies, seeders, mercenaries and bounty hunters, alien empires, starship battles, space pirates, skymining operations, robots, generation ships, breeding experiments, starships, adventures and other space trouble with aliens and humanoids alike!

Ten novels, some longer, some shorter, of space opera and adventure.

Pay a minimum of $7.99 USD and receive all 10 ebooks.

Table of Contents
1. “Veiled Alliances” by Kevin J. Anderson
2. “New California” by Raymund Eich
3. “Trek This” by Robert Jeschonek
4. “Adventurer (Star Minds Lone Wolves)” by Barbara G.Tarn
5. “Stealing from Pirates” by Stefon Mears
6. “Cradle of the Day” by Meyari McFarland
7. “A Jack By Any Other Name” by Lesley L. Smith
8. “The Runabout” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
9. “Raven Rising” by Sean Monaghan
10. “Sector Justice” by Dean Wesley Smith

Happy reading and happy summer!