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Before the Shadows (Ghost Bus Riders Book 0)

You know when you check your public transport app and it says the bus arrives in 1 minute, no, NOW! but none appears? You just missed the ghost bus to Elsewhere, where creatures of myth and legend are real and the Elementals rule. Only half-bloods can see the ghost bus and use it to keep the world safe from dangerous creatures trying to trespass in our technological present.

In this book you’ll find a few side stories set before the Ghost Bus Riders trilogy, when the characters were younger and more naive.

Seven stories of half-bloods fighting monsters on Earth or discovering Elsewhere. Seven interesting takes on ghost buses and legendary creatures from all over the world.

The stories

1995: The Evil Stepmother

2001: The Monkey-man of Delhi

2004: Elemental Police

2005: Elsewhere on Earth

2014: The Lady and the Unicorn

2015: Lost in Japan

2019: Befana on the Loose


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