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BundleRabbit, that had started as a bundling service, introduced the Collaboration feature. If you wanted to co-write something or maybe write a comic book script and have an artist draw it, BundleRabbit Collaboration allows to split royalties among the participants with no headache for anyone.

While I’m still trying to pin an illustrator or comic book artist to some project, I started curating anthologies the way I curate bundles. If you’re interested in book bundles, I have a few still available.

Last year I published four anthologies with my writer friends (well, technically the first came out at the end of 2017) that you can still find out there. Unlike the bundles that I usually take down after six months or so, the anthologies remain on the market until BundleRabbit splits the royalties for us.

Nightly Bites volume 1 and 2 have vampire stories. In the second case, I wrote the story The Raven at the last minute, unhappy with what I had for that volume. The cover of Volume 2 refers to my story and you see it again on the Infinite Bard page (and you can read it at the above tab).

Then during the summer there were the two volumes of Sci-Fi Short Stories, Starships and Space Opera Mashup, so far our bestsellers. And this year I have curated two more about portals. Fantasy Portals and More Portals are now out for all to see and enjoy.

At Worldcon I brougth two paperback copies of Starships, Space Opera Mashup, Fantasy Portals and More Portals and left them on consignment at Hodges Figgis bookseller booth – they sold all but two that went to a friend of mine who was curious.

I also participated in Rocketpack Adventures, curated by Russ Crossley, with one of the Star Minds Lone Wolves Team stories – but you should check the other awesome stories too! Give the Rocketpack Adventures some love, please!

And then there was Blaze Ward Presents – An Interpretation of Moles, which has the first Silvery Earth Kids strips in black and white. I would like to thank Blaze for spurring me back into strips, soon you will see more in his second anthology coming in December. Stay tuned!

Another anthology is late because the editor had to change the charity. This one won’t earn us a penny, but it’s for a good cause. As soon as I know the release date, I shall let you know.

I see many more collaboration anthologies in the future, either curated by me or by other people, and would love to hear readers’ thoughts about them. Do you enjoy multiple authors anthologies? Do they help you finding new authors to love and follow?