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Books of the Immortals – Fire

A half-blood warrior fails to prevent an ambush. Hit by an enemy spell, he sleeps for a century. He wakes up in a future where he doesn’t belong.

He made a mistake. Now he must find a way to undo history to fix it.


Magical races, a magic land, dragons, war, love, good versus evil, and a compelling cast of characters warm the pages of Barbara G. Tarn’s Book of the Immortals: Fire. From the first pages, action pinches you by the nose and drags you through fiercesome battles, attempted seductions, and all the politics and finagling you can swallow as the men painting these pages quest for those things we all want. Fire is a fun, fantasy story that kept me turning pages until there were no more.

Lauri J Owen, author of Blowing Embers, and all Books of The Embers Series


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Cover art by Cristina Fabris, map by Federico Di Stefano.