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Children of Darkness

Bloodsuckers exist in all times and cultures, whether as spirits, ghosts or physical beings, and of course the vampire is one of the best known creatures spawned from gothic literature of the 19th century.

In this collection of original stories, you will witness the re-birth of a number of European vampires, either through the eyes of their maker, Bran the Raven, or their own, as well as an Indian vampire and an African vampire. All these stories belong to the series Vampires Through the Centuries, historical fantasy with fangs.

The stories:

The Maker (331BCE-1997CE)

Tiger of Bharat (327BCE)

Warrior of the Riglach (108CE)

Valkyrie’s Dream (890CE)

The Nubian Queen (950CE)

The Curse of the Manushya-rakshasi (967CE)

Immortality Request (1280CE)


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