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Soul Thieves

Minds with unaware souls get PTSD.
Virtual director Beth Golden has a seemingly idyllic life in 21st century Manhattan, but her recurring nightmares and the fact that she prefers the company of holograms to real people hint to a more serious problem.
Meeting her muse as flesh and blood man may or may not help her  with abduction syndrome and her psychological blocks. Someone with a secret agenda forces her to face the real deal.
What if your favorite virtual star became a flesh and blood man? Can Beth accept him and live happily ever after or will she retreat in her apartment with her holograms?
Human Extraterrestrial Visitors and Earthlings battle for the possession of soul, the harmonic signature of a being in the universe that not everybody has been blessed with.
A Future Earth standalone short novel for lovers of alien abductions and conspiracy theories.


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eBook and paperback

cover art by San@DeviantART



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