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Star Minds Trilogy

Earth 1982 – Rome, London, Paris, alien Humanoids among us! Hard to tell them apart until two lucky Terrans, Daniele and Chantal, see their starships and leave Earth with them.

Two Terrans lost in the Milky Way, learning to deal with aliens long before the rest of the blue planet.

A galaxy-spanning adventure, the start of this alternate future for our planet.

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Universal Book Links eBook and paperback


Star Minds Sundays on this blog: Kol-ian, Daniele&Chantal, Gaurishankar and Maela, Ker-ris and Shan-leo, Mya, C’ell’andy and Tyro.

Free excerpt (might be the start of Shooting Star or might vanish).

Interviews (on Joleene Naylor’s blog): Kol-ian, Ker-ris. On Ciaran Dwynvil’s sofa (Kol-ian&Ker-ris).

Other guest posts about the series: Zach Sweet’s blog (genesis of the series) and Francis James Franklin’s blog (rant on Maela and Sylvania).

Check the Star Minds artworks by Barb on DeviantART.