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Star Minds Trilogy

Star Minds Trilogy
“Technological Angel” (book 1)
Heartbreak is an eye-opener.
When Kol-ian is rejected by his beloved “angel”, he finds refuge on low-tech Earth. Until he feels the need to get back into the galaxy loop to explore the rogues’ world.
Cyborgs, shape-shifters, merciless telepaths and two earthlings lost in the Milky Way, learning to deal with aliens long before the rest of the blue planet.

“Mind Link” (book 2)
True love between two telepaths generates a mind link.
Ker-ris’s mind is free. Free to fall in love again. When vengeful S’lyss comes after Kol-ian, the symbiosis of the mind link threatens the life of both lovers.
Dark lords and sneaky Saurians in the sequel of Technological Angel.

“Slave Traders” (book 3)
It’s impossible to tell the true depth of someone’s feelings.
When Gaurishankar’s ex-girlfriend vanishes, he goes to the rescue, if only to save his own brother. But taking down the slaves market isn’t easy.
Obsessions and unwanted passion on the planet of pleasure and beyond – the closing book of Star Minds.

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Universal Book Links eBook and paperback

StarMindsCover art by Phoenixlu.


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Free excerpt (might be the start of Shooting Star or might vanish).

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