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Cover reveal – the last five covers

Four covers to end the publishing challenge, but since the fifth is in the same series and will come out the following month, here they are.

Publishing schedule:

Wonder Man – May 2024

Starship Empress – June 2024

Morning Star – July 2024

Killer Squad – August 2024

Humanoids – September 2024

These are all in the Star Minds Universe, and will be published in chronological order, but they are all standalone, unrelated to each other – except Humanoids, a short story collections that has ties to all the books.

But if you stumble on any of them, you can probably read them in any order, since things have changed since the Lone Wolves times. For continuity’s sake, Lone Wolf Hariel is the protagonist of Wonder Man, but even if you find this book before reading Thief, you should be fine (although it might be a spoiler for Thief and Team, LOL!)!