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Cover Reveal – the next four titles

Happy New Year! Here are the covers of the next four titles of the publishing challenge. One is already out, since it’s the January title, the others will come out in February, March and April in the order below:

January 2024: The Book of Time Loops

A magic book transporting you to the past to meet great women, often forgotten.

February 2024: Lands of Destiny

The third fantasy portals collection, for journeys with no return.

March 2024: Granny Witches

Seventy-something witches still active.  Was a Kickstarter that didn’t fund, will be another Kickstarter of Ultimate Urban Fantasy books.

April 2024: Daywalker

A dhampyr on the hunt for his undead father.

They will appear below when the time is righ, in both ebook and paperback. Stay tuned for more titles!