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Kobo sale – Canada, U.S.A.

The January First In Series Sale has begun!

Here is the link:

Expiry:  Jan 30th, 11:59pm EST

Brainwaves (Future Earth Chronicles Book 1) has been accepted for this promo.

No politics, no religion, no families. Strange disappearances. Memory losses that make no sense.
Bel lives in Rainbow Town, a multi-level underground settlement for survivors of the Apocalypse that wiped out 21st century civilization. But when she tries to contact her ex, he has vanished.
Raj feels uncomfortable in Rainbow Town. His memory losses leave him uneasy and he wishes to go out in the great unknown, even if it might mean certain death.
With their friends, Bel and Raj must find the truth in a perfect town that feels more and more like a golden prison. A standalone post-apocalypse novel.

Wanderlust (Future Earth Chronicles Book 2) is already out and Across Continents (Future Earth Chronicles Book 3) will go live on Feb.2. Himalayas (Book 4) and Airships (Book 5) are already available for pre-order.