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Kobo sale – US only!

Kobo is running a Price Drop sale in the US. The sale will run from January 24th-28th (inclusive). The book included in this site-wide sale is Freelance (Star Minds Lone Wolves) at 1.99$. Check it out.

Born blind and with albinism, Elsa had found the perfect husband. Until he wasn’t. Having to give up her children after a nasty divorce, she starts from scratch on Ulba’wis, where they train even disabled people to become soldiers.

As a freelance she moves to Friport, the starship as big as a planet of adventurers and rogues, until her old friend O’lyn’ether suggests she takes on her first apprentice, a traumatized Sire survivor who calls herself Icy Aya.
A Star Minds Universe novella.

Includes “Daughter of C’est’aran” about O’lyn’ether’s youth and how she got her face scar and “Joining Lone Wolves Team” about her daughter L’ill’oreta joining the Lone Wolves Team. Two Star Minds Universe short stories.