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New look on Star Minds Universe eBooks

I have postponed this long enough. Here’s the new look of the eBook covers of the Star Minds Universe (the paperbacks keep the old lood for now). I have also cleaned up the series page and took down the Team‘s five-missions books.

I redid the series trailer as well, and the two covers showing up as “video cover” are the ones Hugo Nominee Maurizio Manzieri did for me a few years ago. I used some of his other illustrations for the rest of the main series, but those two are custom made, showing cousins Shan-leo (with Dadina) and Kay-low. You can watch it also below.

I have added two paperbacks to the lot, one with the shorter Star Minds Lone Wolves books (Rogue, Cop, Assassin and Spacer – the eBook is only on Amazon because it’s with the paperback). Star Minds Lone Wolves Novellas has only the novellas and not the extra stories that are in the single ebooks (that are included in other collections and are already in print somewhere).

The other one is the Star Minds Lone Wolves Team, so that all the books are now available also in print. That will be all for this year… stay tuned for more in 2022!