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New title available for pre-order

I was lucky enough to be accepted in the last batch of Kindle Scout books with the historical novel The Fern and The Cross. The campaign is now over and I wasn’t selected for publication, so here it is, available for pre-order.

The e-book will go live on June 1, and the paperback after the summer. This novel has been in the works for years and went through different versions until I finally decided it was time it saw the light of day.

A knight’s tale of love and betrayal

Almost killed by a brother-in-arms, saved by the enemy – a story of love and knightly duty around the third crusade. Robert and Manfred are brothers-in-arms who believe in courtly love. They pledge to each other like knights do, and go to tournaments, ending up in the retinue of Richard Lionheart. Then Robert marries Brithwen, an Anglo-Norman heiress, and when they both head for the Holy Land to free Jerusalem from Saladin, they must leave behind the lovely woman of their hearts.

If you like historical fiction you might want to check this novel. The campaign page still has the first chapter available, or you can sample it through your favorite retailer.

This is the first new title of this year and more will follow in the second half of 2018.