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Sci-fi Anthology #1

New curated anthology coming soon! Pre-order links

Starships in all their glory! FTL drive, microgravity or stargates. Trapped, stranded or moving from place to place. Warships, space shuttles, generation ships. Shipwrecks, transports, intergalactic accidents.

Humor and drama across the Milky Way and beyond! 10 stories of starships and their crews.

“Stellar Darkness Adrift ” by Meyari Mc Farland

“Murphy’s Law” by Douglas Smith

“The Darkest Void of Space” by Lesley L. Smith

“Sunlit Dispositions” by Jason Adams

“Solitary Man” by Russ Crossley

“Starship Pilot” by Barbara G.Tarn

“Mozart Brown” by Fulvio Gatti

“Bi-Quinary Search” by Gerald M. Weinberg

“Boudreaux” by Ezekiel James Boston

“Dreaming Large” by Dean Wesley Smith