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Paperbacks and International Kindle Owners

First I’d like to address the problem international Kindle owners are facing. You may not see all the e-books. There’s some kind of bug at Amazon that prevents you to do so. You may see the paperback, possibly the audiobook, but no e-book.

I haven’t checked all 180 UPB titles, but if you find something unavailable as e-book on Amazon, please head to Smashwords, who even renewed their interface. They’ll have your mobi file ready for download to your kindle. And complain to Amazon who let you down.

And the collection of paperbacks for the Star Minds Universe is complete! You can buy the Star Minds Lone Wolves paperbacks on (from anywhere, hopefully – these links are not geotagged, so you may check your local Amazon shop if present):







I shall experiment with large print next… stay tuned!