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Paperbacks a go-go

After the move from Createspace to KDPprint and a steep learning curve (they’re not identical, in spite of being “sister” sites), I finally managed to do a  few paperbacks.

The Star Minds Lone Wolves paperbacks are almost done, in the meantime, here’s

The Fern & The Cross (cream paper and matte cover)

Angelica, Scholar (white paper and matte cover)

Kristine the Youngest (white paper and matte cover – the spine doesn’t match the  other books in the  series because of the different cover creators. Sorry about that)

Coming next – Star Minds Lone Wolves the Elders (you can have a sneak peek on the Star Minds page, scroll down for the whole series paperbacks). They all have white paper and glossy covers, but I had to do minor adjustments to a couple of interiors.

By the way, the “universal ebook link (includes paperback where available)” means that if you don’t have an ebook reader and want the  paperback, you can choose either Amazon or possibly Barnes&Noble (until it lasts).

So, if you want the paperback, I’d say follow the Kindle link! 🙂 Stay tuned for more titles coming out before the  end of the year!