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Pre-order button and new catalogs

kaylyn-ref-webThe second book of Vampires Through the Centuries is now available for pre-order via Smashwords.

Ten years after the return of the crusader, his people know he’s evil and try to get rid of him and his wife. Kaylyn escapes the fire of Baldwin’s manor with Bran’s help and leaves Lincolnshire for good.

A long journey through 12th century Europe allows her to meet other fledglings of her mysterious maker, Bran the Raven. Then it’s Muslim Spain and up to Damascus, where everything started for Baldwin.

A travel journal through the centuries across Europe, North Africa, Asia on the Silk Road, to the court of Kublai Khan and then India for the making of her brother-in-darkness, Rajveer… And it’s only half of Kaylyn’s story.

History and fantasy mix in this standalone book of Vampires Through the Centuries that will appeal to both historical fiction readers and vampire lovers all over the world.

Bonus story: The Return of the Crusader, or the making of Kaylyn.

The book will come out November 2, one year after Rajveer the Vampire. Pre-order price is 4.99$ – it will go up to 6.99$ withing the first week of release, so get it now!

Kobo pre-order button! Apple US pre-order button! Barnes&Noble pre-order button! Amazon button coming in September!

The PDF catalog for 2016 is up on the home page, any bookseller who would like to peruse it is free to contact me afterward.

As for other releases, e-books only for the summer, after Cinder Boy will come out Lovers and in July Quests Book 1 and 2. In September the printed versions.