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Publishing News

You may have noticed a lack of new titles… I’m afraid the lack will last for about a year. Publication will resume in October 2023.

Meanwhile I had ten new covers done by the awesome Shafali Anand for Silvery Earth. When updating the ebooks and paperbacks, I adjusted the pricing, sometimes slightly higher (on the paperbacks), usually lower (always, on the ebooks).

I ignored the new categories set up by Amazon for now, since I don’t seem to find the fantasy and science fiction categories anymore. We’ll see what happens with the new titles.

I also took down the Silvery Earth titles from Smashwords, since in a couple of months the merging with D2D will be a reality – or so they told me! We’ll see if that’s true.

Check out the awesome covers and get yourself some high fantasy reading for the summer! Changes might slowly trickle through the various retailers in the coming week.

Happy reading and happy summer!