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More publishing news

New titles are coming up starting in September, one a month for twelve months, or possibly more. The current schedule is slow, but it’s a restart after a year of no new titles.

Meanwhile we have a brand new digitally narrated audiobook for Six Months and Other Love Stories, a collection of contemporary romance available on

The other audiobooks with human narrator are as follow.

Otherside the novella that spawned a mini-series that will see a “Next Generation” mini-series coming out in 2024 or 2025 at the latest. It’s narrated by Erin Parker.

Two Silvery Earth titles:

Firebird audiobook narrated by Barry Schwam

The Hooded Man audiobook narrated by Russell Newton

All three are fantasy (portal fantasy/steampunk the first, high fantasy/secondary world fantasy/medieval fantasy the Silvery Earth titles).

Happy listening and stay tuned for more ebooks and paperbacks!